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Curious about all this Ballyhoo?

Who the hell do you think you are?

I’m the guy who wrote this song, and a few others.  I think they are pretty good and I’d like more people to listen to them before I die.  Also, I have a mini-me that could use the dough.

Is this really necessary?

No… It’s ridiculous, and perceivably narcissistic if you don’t know me that well.

What happens if I actually like this song, but I hate the way I found it?

You can rest easy knowing it’s highly likely you’re the only person who has ever visited this site.  You are essentially the Vasco De Gama of the indie-music interwebs.  Congrats!

For real though....Why?

I’ve grown tired of the constant self promotion, the feeding of algorithms, the constant-release-requirements, the industry as a whole etc…  I’m getting too old to chase that rabbit.  Consider this my standing call to enter your personal playlist.